Music On Your Own Terms

Music On Your Own Terms 124 “Evgen Tsibulin/Pleximents - Escaping The Maze”

June 8, 2021

Music On Your Own Terms 124 - Evgen Tsibulin/Pleximents - Escaping The Maze

Joining me this episode, from Siberia, is Pleximents mastermind, Evgen Tsibulin, a multi-instrumentalist, who used to tour in a death metal band, and whose current day job is as a guitar player for an orchestra. We discover what prompted Evgen to create the Pleximent's album The Maze Within, which is effectively a prog-metal symphony, as well as the meaning behind the track names, lyrics, and concept as a whole. Evgen also talks about his old band Dehydrated, how he got the guitar tones on the albums he recorded with them, and his experience touring with Decapitated.

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Topics discussed in this episode : Bryan Beller | Mika Tyyska | Seversk | Tomsk | David Maxim Micic | Dream Theater | Polyphia | Metal Sucks | Dehydrated | Rage | VHT Pitbull | Mercurial Audio SS11X | AMT Electronics | Mesa Boogie Triaxis | Line 6 XT Pro | Decapitated | Axe FX | Thy Disease | Hatesphere | Paul Gilbert | Terrifying Guitar Trip | Ben Woods | Judas Priest | Megadeth | Metallica | Joe Satriani | Steve Vai

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