Music On Your Own Terms

Music On Your Own Terms 122 “Erik Cabral - Drumming Up A Podcasting Empire”

May 25, 2021

Music On Your Own Terms 122 - Erik Cabral - Drumming Up A Podcasting Empire

Erik is a serial entrepreneur that has created PodMax, On Air Brands, and the Mindado Investment Group, after a successful yet unfulfilling period working in corporate America. Erik shares the journey he took to reprogram his industrial mind into that of an entrepreneur, that creates wealth and invests his time rather than spending it. We also learn how he got into playing music, ending up with the drums, and starting a band that was treated as a business to some degree of success, until family life dictated a change of pace. Erik also shares some really fantastic anecdotes and advice for any type of creative, a free course that will help you clarify the message you are marketing to potential followers, and finally offers a chance to collaborate and help create new theme music for Pod Max itself.

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Topics discussed in this episode : Rich Dad Poor Dad | Alan Hill Episode 10 | Alan Hill Episode 80 | Bigger Pockets Podcast | Podcast Stats | Scary Pockets | Pomplamoose | Patreon | Jack Conte | Apollo 13 Movie | Jim Rohn | Beastie Boys | Mariah Carey | Justin Timberlake | Daft Punk | Metallica | Web Pages That Suck | Lizzo

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