Music On Your Own Terms

Music On Your Own Terms 114 “Steven Schwartz/The Crooked Vines - May The Gumbo Be With You”

April 6, 2021

Music On Your Own Terms 114 - Steven Schwartz/The Crooked Vines - May The Gumbo Be With You

This time out, I chat with Steven Schwartz, keyboardist, saxophonist, and manager of the New Orleans based band, The Crooked Vines. Steven talks about his start in music, going to Loyola University and remaining in NOLA after graduation, to play in various bands, then go on to form the band in question. We also talk at length about the music industry, the business of being in a band, and Steven's experience with sync licensing, in writing a sound track for a movie. The conversation rounds off nicely as we hear about Steven's philosophies on life, and the experience that prompted his views.

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Topics discussed in this episode : Loyola University | The Turtles | The Beach Boys | Nirvana | Red Hot Chili Peppers | Lenny Kravitz | Jimmy Page | Pete Townsend | Slash | Freebird | Pink Floyd | Genesis | Yes | ELP | Tool | Dweezil Zappa | Frank Zappa | Fleet Foxes | My Morning Jacket | Cardi B | Fractal FX8 | Bourbon St | Mikayla Braun | Steve Vai | Faith Becnel | Soundcloud | Collab app | Tiktok Duets | Primus | NPR Snap Judgement | Water Seed | Congo Square Stage | Parliament | George Duke | Audio Socket | Ari Herstand | How To Make It In The New Music Industry | The Last Of Us | Naughty Professor | Word Of Mouth Studio | David Farrell | Tim Stambaugh | Frenchmen St | David Byrne | How Music Works | Talking Heads | Donald Passman - All You Need To Know About The Music Business | BMI | Neilsen Soundscan | Sound Exchange | The Mechanical Licensing Collective | French Quarter Fest | Mr Rogers Documentary | Sam Friend | Stoop Kids

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