Music On Your Own Terms

Music On Your Own Terms 108 “Something Called Eden James”

February 23, 2021

Music On Your Own Terms 108 - Something Called Eden James

Joining me in this interview is Australian-born, NYC-based singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur, Eden James. We hear about his first foray into music, learning drum rudiments in the school marching band, then picking up a guitar and starting to write songs as a young teen. We hear about Eden's journey to the UK, and then winning a visa lottery to live in the US, at the suggestion of his then girlfriend. Eden shares a lot of valuable insight about his experience as an indie artist, licensing his songs to a major label and getting a number 1 hit in Greece, as well as hiring A-list session musicians to record his latest album, and setting up his own record label.

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Topics discussed in this episode : Dave Rountree | Blur | US Diversity Visa | Finsbury Park | Bruce Springsteen | Born To Run | David Bowie | Bob Dylan | Woody Guthrie | Elvis | Monty Python | Entombed | LIK | Pink Floyd | Horse And Monkey | Iggy Pop | Teddybears | Bryan Ferry | Roxy Music | Casio Keyboard | EMI | Rockwave Festival | The Killers | Mötley Crüe | Placebo | Moby | Dinosaur Jr. | Azhelle Wade | Cutty Sark Whisky | Songtradr | Craig Dodge | Paul Simon | Tim Leitner | Tina Turner | Billy Joel | Charles Giordano | Larry Saltzman | Live At Heart | Flaming Lips | Zorb Concert | Soundbetter | Indie Week

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