Music On Your Own Terms

Music On Your Own Terms 106 “Matt Connard/War Chariot - Fear Not The Fire”

February 9, 2021

Music On Your Own Terms 106 - Matt Connard/War Chariot - Fear Not The Fire

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In this episode I talk to Matt Connard about his studio project War Chariot. Since the interview, it was announced that War Chariot has broken up, however Matt is planning on forging ahead with his own solo music, and I look forward to hearing what he comes up with. In this conversation, we hear how Matt got into music, how the band got started and we get deep into some Swedish death metal talk, along with some guitar nerd conversation about amp tones. Matt also shares his background in business and some killer tips for musicians to be mindful of their long term goals, and think in a more entrepreneurial way about their business. Finally, Matt shares some extremely personal experiences with mental health, addiction and a traumatic event as a child, that he attributes his former lifestyle to. This is an incredibly deep and moving conversation, and I am extremely grateful to Matt for sharing his story, in the hope that it will give anyone struggling with mental health, a ray of hope to see that you are not alone and you can get through your difficulties, no matter how intimidating they feel.

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