Music On Your Own Terms

Music On Your Own Terms 100 “Bruce Vermett 2 / Johanna Hagarty 3 - Naked With Cold Cuts & Pot Pourri”

December 31, 2020

Music On Your Own Terms 100 - Bruce Vermett 2 / Johanna Hagarty 3 - Naked With Cold Cuts & Pot Pourri

For the last episode of 2020 we have reached the milestone of number 100! Joining me to help celebrate are my good friends, Bruce Vermett and Johanna Hagarty, both of whom have contributed greatly to the podcast and also are important people in my life in general. Bruce gives us an update on his musical activities, and talks about the experience of releasing music right at the start of the pandemic, as well as what he has in store for 2021. Johanna joins me to talk about ethics, cancel culture and Black Lives Matter, from both our perspectives, to bookend the year's events. She also gives us an update on what's been happening in her business, her own podcast that has just launched, and some really cool marketing information for creatives. We then discuss our plans and projects for 2021 and discuss what the future might hold for the creative community and the world at large.

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Topics discussed in this segment : Viking Fish Bar | McGrath Project | The Casket Company | Shawn Daley/Mohawk Studio | Tim Chimes | Ray Bergstrom | Dream Theater | Vikram Shankar | Lux Terminus | Redemption | Eric Potapenko | Gravity | Fiverr | Twelve Foot Ninja | Igorrr | Igorrr Biscuit Tin Lid | Igorr Vacuum Cleaner | Rivers Of Nihil | Mr Spots | Ron Jarzombek | Blotted Science | Watchtower


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Topics discussed in this segment : Ashville, NC | Xpand Fest | Women's Business Center | 80/20 Rule (Pareto Principle) | 80/20 Drummer | Craig Dodge | Cognitive Behavioral Therapy | Cancel Culture | Black Lives Matter | Martin Luther King | Ian Barnett | MOYOT Emotion Project | Letterkenny | Obelisk | Penis Museum | Biscuits And Groovy

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